Pigs and Chickens, A Planning Commission Parable


The chickens’ who are after all chickens, were faced with the problem of a neighbor wishing for the community to accept a pig into the coop. The pig was many times the size of an individual chicken and wouldn’t easily blend in with even a large flock of them.

But the owner of the pig said, “Look I bought this pig years ago when it was but the size of a chicken. I know the pig is huge and it isn’t a chicken, but it is white and does have a pink nose. Chickens are white and sometimes have pink heads. I think the planning commission should allow my pig to root among the chickens.” fullsizeoutput_562

And the planning commission looked at the pig and agreed that it was white and did have a pink nose, and if you squinted, it could look like a very large chicken, albeit one without wings, although one of the commissioners noted that the ears on the pig resembled wings.

They spoke among themselves and ventured the opinion that although the pig was not technically a chicken, that it was similar to a chicken in several ways and perhaps it should be allowed to move in with the chickens.

“Hold on,” said one of the neighbors, “the pig is clearly not a chicken. He will lie down in the coop, and take up all the room. When he stands up, he will block out the sun. He will eat up all the grain tossed on the ground, and what’s left will be mushed up with the mud from his tramping around. It is not fair to us to have to live with this pig.”

But the owner said, “How was I to know that the cute little piglet I bought was going to grow into the large pig I have to day? I’m not responsible for this, and now that I have the large pig, the community needs to accommodate me. After all they did not object when I first bought it.”

And the planning commissioners all nodded their heads up and down at the sad story from the pig owner. “After all, since we did not first object to the piglet, we cannot deny the pig. It does really resemble a chicken. It is white and the pink nose kinda resembles the head. We can make believe that it is a chicken. After all it shits and a chicken shits, it eats and a chicken eats. We believe the owner has made a good case that the pig so closely resembles and acts like a chicken that to deny his petition would be unfair. The chickens need to make room. The pig is approved.”

So the pig owner, who really knew that the cute piglet would grow into a pig when he bought it, managed to get the community to accept the pig because, after all, how could he have foreseen the problem?

The end.

fullsizeoutput_565(also not a chicken or a pig, although she does grunt once in awhile)


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