Oregon Trip Day 15

I’m sitting in The Rock Coffee shop in Morro Bay sipping a dark brew while Gretchen sleeps. Yesterday was a short driving day from Santa Cruz to Morro Bay. Gretchen and I have history in Morro Bay going back to our time at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Gretchen’s mom Barbara, her partner Jeff, and her brother Fritz all live in the area now.

Bridget at breakfast

Since the drive today was going to be short, we hung around at Bear’s house in the morning and didn’t get on the road until around 10am. The trip was through a familiar, but beautiful landscape that I seem to never tire of.

Soon we were taking the Hwy 41 turn off the 101, and heading to Morro Bay. Barb and Jeff are living in a nice little house in Baywood on across the bay from the Morro Bay State Park. We arrived around 2pm and spent some time catching up.

I was feeling the need for a nap so I broke off from the group and went back to Morro Bay to check into our room for the night at the Landing at Morro Bay. The place has been going through a long term modernization and is now a very comfortable place to stay. Besides that, it is across the street from our favorite breakfast restaurant, Dorn’s. I took some nice phots at the park on the way to town.


Feeling rejuvenated, I returned to Baywood. I pulled the 3 remaining Deschutes Black Butte Porter (The unofficial beer of the Oregon trip), and took them inside to share around.


Fritz soon joined the throng, and after finishing our beers (wine for Barb), we headed to the La Palapa mexican restaurant in Los Osos. But first we took a group photo on the little pier on the bay in Baywood.

Jeff, Barb, Fritz, Gretchen, and I

The food was great (it always is) and we had a fine meal. Then it was back to the house for more catching up on things, discussion of past and future trips, and other topics.


When the discussion finally rolled around to Trump and the Republicans we all decided to call it an evening.

View from the Landing

That’s all for today. Tomorrow is the official last day for the Oregon Trip. Happy trails.

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