Sequoia / Kings Canyon / Clair Tappan Walkabout – Days 1, 2, 3

Saturday, 9/15

A few months ago, I signed up for a Sierra Club service trip at the Clair Tappan lodge near Donner Pass, CA. That trip will run the last week of September. I used that as an excuse to hit the road a week early, and decided that since I had never visited the Sequoia National Park area of California, that is where I would go.

However a few nights before departure, my friend Dave Babbe invited me up to Mammoth Ski Resort for some end of the season mountain biking. This seemed like a good enough reason to alter my itinerary (such as it was). I left home early Saturday morning, September 15th, and set my sights on Mammoth Lakes California. fullsizeoutput_981

I was on the road at 5:30 am, heading north. On my way through Lancaster,  I found “Bob Radio”, where they will evidently play anything. I listened to Bob radio for quite a few miles before resorting to the music on my iPhone.

I am a creature of habit. On trips up Highway 395, I usually stop in Mojave at the MacDonalds for a second round of morning coffee to speed the trip along.fullsizeoutput_982

I enjoy driving early in the morning, the desert is always pretty at that time of day. I managed to get a few good photos along the way.




After the picture stops, I sped along to my destination, only stopping at rest areas, and in Bishop to fill up on gas.

Dave and I spent the afternoon biking, ate dinner at a Roberto’s Mexican Restaurant, and went to the condo to watch the UCLA / Fresno football game.

Sunday / Monday

Ate breakfast, went mountain bike riding, ate dinner, went to bed. I did manage to get a few pictures.


I also took this picture of my car fitted out with the bunk I use for car camping on trips like this. I’m able to fit a 4in thick air mattress on top and find it pretty comfortable, except for the limited headroom. My bike is on top of the bunk in this picture.


Tuesday morning I head back south to cross the Sierras using Highway 178 coming out near Lake Isabella, and then heading to the “Trail of 100 Giants” in Sequoia National Forest on a road named “The Great Western Divide”. Sounds interesting.

So have fun and don’t forget to vote.


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