Teddy’s Red Tacos, or Hot Lunch on the Tracks

Chasing good Mexican food across the LA basin can take you to tables in unusual locations. Today’s hot spot is Teddy’s Red Tacos. Teddy’s is taking advantage of an apparently unused section of land, on the railroad tracks that parallel Slauson Boulevard, in Los Angeles. They specialize in Birria tacos and related dishes.

The address is 731 East Slauson, but there is no building there. Just a White lunch truck surrounded by people and flanked at one end with easy-ups covering tables with chairs. We parked along MacKinley where there were parking spots at the end of the street.

The menu boards were pretty simple, with a choice of items to choose from. The prices were also pretty reasonable.

We were greeted by a friendly face (sorry, I didn’t get your name) at the ordering window where I ordered 3 tacos with everything and a Mexican coke. Steve’s order was similar.

The food appeared quickly, in spite of the small crowd, and Steve and I dug in. Notice that I forgot to take a picture of my plate before I took a bite. The beef Birria tacos were great. The combination of taco shells fried in sauce, and the spicy Birria meat hit the spot.

I heartily recommend Teddy’s Red Tacos for the food and the adventure. Have fun and eat some for me.

That’s Out to Eat for now. Lookout for tacos in unexpected places, and hope for a world where the orange monster has no power.

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