Dulan’s on Century Boulevard, Soul Food for Everyone

I found Dulan’s on the internet. I googled “Soul Food” and 3 places popped up. I’m sure there are more, but the place with the best reviews was Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen. Dulan’s has two locations, one on Manchester in Inglewood, and one on Century in Los Angeles.

Edited 3/18 because I’m a knucklehead. It was Terry Dulan, Adolph’s son that we met. And the location we visited was on Manchester, not Century. Sorry if that caused anybody heartburn.

“In the early 80s, Mr. Dulan discovered an untapped market for soul food in Marina Del Rey with the wildly successful Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch. Popular among Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and prominent community members, Aunt Kizzy’s Back Porch was the iconic soul food experience in Southern California during the 80s and the 90s. Today, you can experience the warm southern-hospitality and made-from-scratch soul food that the Dulan family legacy is built upon at Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen where Adolf Dulan continues to place a premium on great food, family, and the community.”

From the restaurant website

So a couple of weeks ago, Steve Olsen and I were headed for the Manchester Blvd. location to give it a try. We arrived close to noon, and were lucky enough to find a parking spot behind the restaurant.

Dulan’s from the outside

The line at the counter was not long, but it was leaking out the door. There were only 4, or 5, tables inside, and since we were planning on eating there, I was a little worried about finding a place to sit. But not to worry, after we had completed our orders, and reached the cash register, there were still plenty of places to sit. It seems that a lot of the customers get their food to go.

Ordering at the counter

Once in the door, we were able to get a better look at the place. Better yet, you get a chance to see and smell all of the menu offerings up close. The ordering is done at the counter, and we were quickly greeted by the friendly workers behind the counter.

I quickly scanned the menu and settled on smothered pork chops, collard greens, and mac and cheese. Steve ordered the fried chicken, beans, and collard greens. Each order was placed into a styrofoam container and as I checked out at the cash register, I added peach cobbler to my order (Steve abstained dessert). I really have to try the ox tails next time.

Time to dig in

We quickly found a table and (after the food photo) we dug in. The food was great. I’m a sucker for cooked greens, and these didn’t disappoint. The mac and cheese was tasty, and full of cheddar goodness. The smothered pork chop was falling apart good, and the pork gravy was a perfect complement. Steve had similar comments about his selections.

Terry Dulan and Steve

While we were eating, the son of the founder, Terry Dulan, came over to check and see if we were enjoying ourselves. There were pictures on the wall next to us of celebrities and politicians that have either visited the restaurant, or that they just like. Right next to Steve, was a picture of Maxine Waters. Terry said that she had been in the restaurant just last week getting a fix while she was in town.

Photos on the wall, including one showing what a real president, and his family, looks like

I give Dulan’s two thumbs up, and am anxious to try the Inglewood location s it’s closer to home. Until then eating can be an adventure. Have fun, vote whenever you have the chance, and don’t led the orange goblin get you down.

not a dog


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