Mouth of Sauron, DOJ Head Barr, Exonerates Trump – by Tuck Frump

So the lick-spittle head of the DOJ, William Barr, has exonerated Trump from all things unlawful. There was no collusion! Barr repeated this several times in case we hadn’t absorbed the momentous news (and to give Fox News something to crow about).

“He’s Innocent.” says Bill Barr

His supreme leader has been absolved of anything criminal. Glory be, the orange god is technically innocent of any law-breaking behavior, and is free to pursue his cheapening of the American political scene.

Trump may have actually walked up the the edge of committing obstruction of the Mueller investigation, but hey, he was being criticized by the opposition, and the press, so it was ok. His feelings were hurt. “And hey, did you hear me say that there was technically no collusion.”

I can’t say that I am happy with the outcome. I would have welcomed Mueller revealing the discovery of Putin’s still smoking gun lying on Trump’s campaign office floor. But that was not to be. “You can’t always get what you want” to quote Mick. But that would have been too easy, and it would continue to stretch out the national spectacle of the Russian interference in our elections. Besides, I have no belief that the Senate Republicans would have taken any action even if the gun was found.

Mueller’s report, however, does not absolve Trump of all of his un-presidential behavior, actions, or policies. So forget the report, recognize the hate of his presidency.

Hate of asylum seeking immigrants unless they want to work at Mar a Lago.

His hate of freedom of the press, unless it is Fox news or Breitbart.

His hate of people poorer than himself, except when he want’s their vote.

In other words, hate of people not like him or his friends.

Our national focus needs to be reminding Americans that there is an alternative to the hate. An alternative to the mean-spirited policies of this administration, and his Republican lackeys.

Continued focus on Trump is what he wants. It’s what he lives for. He revels in the attention.

So, I say, forget the man. Choose to support the true American policies of empathy for others, freedom of the press, people paying their fair share, and concern for the environment. Progressive policies that lift the nation up, and look to the future. That is how we will win.

Hate and devision is Trump’s game. Don’t play along. Choose Love instead.

As always, have a great day, thanks for coming, and don’t forget to vote.

Luna’s not worried

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