Covid-19 Noir

Things for a little weird right now. I am trying to stay upbeat about what’s going on, but the daily grind of protecting self, and family, from the death and noise generated by the orange monster is getting to me.

I still exercise, mostly eat well, usually shower, and sometimes shave. But I have to admit that this shit is getting me down. Oddly enough it is on the walks I take to keep in some kind of shape that seem to effect me the most.

Seems like everyone that you see on the street is wondering if you’re carrying death in your back pocket. Are you the hit man here to take away their life before they are ready? Alone in a hospital room with no bedside family, a tube forcing oxygen in like you’re an old tire.

Ok, I’m getting a little dark here. Anyway, the shit is getting to me. Hell, I even miss the noise. Last night I was out. It was so quiet, you might have been able to hear death sneaking up on it’s next victim.

So, I’m in this dark mood taking a walk and these two images jumped out at me. Here they are.

So anyway, stay safe. Keep up the social distancing. Don’t take chances. Some day we will all be able to visit the local brewpub again and swap stories.


Exorcise the orange monster from the fabric of America.

Vote. Vote if the Republicans will let you. Hell, vote even if they won’t.

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