Oregon Trip Day 5


Day 5 was a transition day to being on the road to being in Cannon Beach, our home for the next 7 days. It was not made up of visiting spectacular national forests, or the sites of major geologic events. It was made up of arriving at a familiar, favorite, place and being reunited with loved ones and friends.

We made the dash up Hwy 5 to Portland and then took a left towards Cannon Beach. We’re staying at the the beach house owned by Jim and Jody Babson. Jim is Gretchen’s uncle, but the 4 of us have been friends for over 35 years, taking many family vacations together.

We arrived after noon to a warm, sunny day and sat around catching up on what was happening in our lives. We sat at the kitchen table, ate a light lunch, and talked. Their house is set back from the beach some and is surrounded by large fir and redwood trees. The old center of town (I say old because Cannon Beach stretches for a couple of miles down the coast) is within easy walking distance.

Later in the afternoon, we set off to get a baguette for dinner and to meet up with Peter Lindsey “at beer” (we just coined that term while talking right now). Peter is a true character of the town and grew up here. He and Jim have been friends dating to 1964 when Jim started as a lifeguard at the beach. His book, Coming in over the Rock , is about growing up in Cannon Beach and the characters living in the town, and he is about to publish another book about dory fishing.

Gretchen’s family has been coming to the Oregon Beach since the 1920’s and started staying at a place called the Morris Cottage in the 1940’s (Beach houses always have names). Gretchen and I first visited the town in the early 1980’s when we lived in Seattle, and have visited sporadically over the years.

Later, after a great dinner of fish stew, bread, salad, and wine, we walked into town and had ice cream. I had a scoop of huckleberry which was smooth and creamy. After we retired back to the house, read and went to bed.

Like I said, not an astonishing day, but a day with friends and food and memories. They are are the best sometimes.

Happy trails.

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