Oregon Trip Day 6


After the morning ritual of writing these posts, we had breakfast at the house and sat and talked. Simply talked. It was relaxing to sit amid the trees, coffee cup in hand, and catch up with old friends.

Jimbo had prepared the bikes for our next endeavor. We had discussed riding the bikes on the beach, south from the center of town until, we reached an impasse. He and I took off around 10 am (Gretchen and Jody had planned their own beach walk). From the house, Jim took me on a path that avoided the main drag and associated traffic.

The beach at Cannon Beach is wide and flat except at high tide. It was still an hour to low tide at a little past 11 am, but the beach was over a football field wide, hard packed, wet sand. People stroll on the beach in large groups, dogs are welcome, and it is  scene much different than the typical Southern California beach.

We managed to ride about 7 miles south on the beach, carrying our bikes at one location thru knee deep water, until we came to Arch Cape where we would have had to portage the bikes over the sea-life covered rocks. Choosing to not crunch the animals underfoot and/or risk falling down, we turned back. Our way back was more challenging due to the north wind that had come up as we were riding south.


But the weather was fine, the sun was shining, with low fog swirling on the beach. It was a beautiful day and we were soon back at the point we entered the beach. We rewarded ourselves with a latte and buttermilk bar (ok, I ate the bar, Jim abstained) at the Sleepy Monk coffee shop. It was a great place to sit out front on the lawn, in the sun, and watch the parade of beachgoers pass by.


The rest of the afternoon was taken up hanging at the house, reading books, talking, napping, and (I hate to say it) discussing some of the real world politics that were occurring.

The day rounded out with meeting back up with Peter at beer in the afternoon, and then walking to dinner at The Harding Trading Company (which was great), then back to the book and bed.

A nice relaxing day of vacation. Happy Trails.

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