What the Fuck by Tuck Frump


Just a small picture to match his tiny hands

Enough of this vacation bullshit that Bob is smothering you all with. Hi. This is Tuck Frump. I’m traveling along with Bob and Gretchen and have been just hangin out and keeping  a low profile. But enough is enough I say.Unknown-1

I mean it is a vacation and all that but jeez, when you see the person that is is supposed to be the leader of the free world dissing NATO while simultaneously sucking Putin’s dick, you have to wonder just what the fuck is going on.

Now, I was down at the Screw and Brew today trying to quietly finish off a Deschutes Black Butte Porter when this yahoo with a MAGA hat starts talking over Pelosi Unknown-2on the tube. Making like Trump is somehow outfoxing Putin. That he has something up his sleeve, you know. Well I say that’s just bullshit. So he comes over and into my face and just starts waving that stupid hat around like it means something. I ignore him best I can and keep watching the TV.

Pelosi is up there like I said, and is saying that Putin must have Trump by the short hairs, if you know what I mean. That it’s close to treason, or maybe is treason. UnknownPaul Ryan, the Trump apologist and co-conspirator on the fucking tax cut is even up there saying that Trump has gone off the reservation. The guy is still mouthing off and waving that stupid hat, so I down the rest of my beer and just get out of there before he really pisses somebody off and  fight starts.

I head back home and head over to Facebook to check out what my friends are doing. But, it’s like the only thing in the world going on right now is Trump selling us off to the Russkis. I even see stupid comments from some of my conservative friends (yeah I have some conservative friends).

Well one of them says that he doesn’t pay any attention to what Trump says, basically admits that he is a lying weanie. He says that he only pays attention to what he does. This friend thinks the tax cuts for the rich are great.  I think they are going to put the US in the poorhouse unless that sack of shit Ryan succeeds in canceling everybody’s healthcare and takes away their food stamps. I guess he thinks it’s ok to steal babies out of their mom’s arms as they cross the border looking for a better life.

Shit I could go on and on. Hey I worked for years on programs to make this nation safe. Trump is turning out to be the biggest danger to democracy this nation has ever known, in my opinion. Shit yeah, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

So the next time somebody tells you that Trump is ok, just tell them that we need to get that fucking baby stealer out of office. And if it’s that guy with the MAGA hat, and you have a beer to hand, just pour it in his fucking lap. I know, make it look like an accident so he doesn’t punch you. But do it all the same, it will be a waste of good beer, but it will make you feel better, if just for a little while.

Stay safe, don’t text and drive, and remember to vote. This is Tuck Frump signing off.


I added the picture of my dog just to make you feel better after the rant. Happy Trails.

Tuck Frump is a wholly fictional character that roams my head. He has been created out of necessity due to Donald Trumps idiocy and is Copyrighted © with all rights reserved by Bob Zwissler.


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