Oregon Trip Day 8


Day 8 was a quiet day of going out to breakfast, going on a walk and a bike ride, having a social beer, and finishing with a nice dinner at the house.

Jim, Jody, Jeep, and I met up with Peter Lindsey at the Lazy Susan in downtown Cannon Beach for breakfast. Mine was a fine chorizo, cheese, and veggie omelet accompanied with potatoes and english muffin (and of course coffee).

After breakfast we piled into the car and went south to Oswald State Park and Short Sands beach for a hike. The walk in and out is a little over a mile each way and through what seems like a primeval forest. I managed to get a few plant, critter, and fungi shots along the way.

The beach itself was wide and flat between two rocky, forested, headlands. In other words, it was a beautiful spot.

It is a popular surf spot and there were plenty of surfers working the small surf that day. I also had fun taking group phots using my Apple watch.


I had to find something to prop up my phone for the group photos. A discarded sandal did the trick.uZk9%IypQYadtgbP+ePk7Q

We drove further south to the town of Manzanita for an open air lunch at Mudd Dog operated by the Mudd Nick Foundation. The menu is simply hot dogs any way you want, chips, and sodas. The dogs were good and it was for a good cause.

I managed to work in a nap after lunch, then Jim and I rode our bikes up Elk Creek and into the Cannon Beach watershed. Very pretty ride with a couple of steep sections. Our reward after was meeting up with Peter for a beer.

Happy Trails.




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