Oregon Trip Day 9

I walked into town this morning and scored a marion berry coffee cake, and a coffee cup fillip, at the Cannon Beach Bakery. Jody mixed up some eggs and Gretchen’s leftover pasta and we had a great breakfast.

The plan today is to visit with some friends that live in Hood River. Jack and Linda are friends from way back. I graduated from Ygnacio Valley High School in 1971 with Jack Sprague. We moved into a series of apartments over the next couple of years and then sort of went our separate ways.

Jack & Linda’s wedding. I’m way in the back peeking over someone’s shoulder

During that short period Jack met up with Linda (Linda – I am so sorry, I don’t know your maiden name). I went to their wedding which was in the back yard of one of Jack’s friends.
The thing I remember the most about the wedding (other than it was between two dear friends), was building a big fire pit in the backyard in order to cook fresh salmon that another friend had brought back with him on the airplane from Alaska.

Jack & Linda at home in Hood river

Anyway we lost contact with each other. Jack moved to Hood River Oregon, graduated from college, and had a long career as a teacher at the Middle School, and retired (I think) last year. I visited them after the eclipse last year in Hood River. It was great to see them.

We rendezvoused at McMenamins Power Station Theater & Pub and had a great time catching up and sharing stories. fullsizeoutput_61cWhile there we visited the glass blowers on site and I picked up this beautiful little pitcher made by Alexandra Farnham. This is destined to be used for syrup on many waffle mornings in the future.


Happy Trails.

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