Oregon Trip Day 10


After another good breakfast of scrambled eggs and gut bombs, Jim and Max took off to go surfing, and I got ready for another bike trip down the coast.

The bike I have been riding here is a single speed fat tire bike that runs at a steady 8 MPH with steady pedaling. It is 7.5 miles to Arch Cape on the beach and it took me about an hour to get down there. The trip was pretty uneventful but I had fun taking pictures at Hug point where I walked the bike around on the old road cut into the rocks for cars a long time ago.

I have included my pictures of the roadcut and an old picture from Peter Lindsey’s book “Coming Over the Rock” to see what it looked like in use. fullsizeoutput_63d

As I got down to Arch Cape the sun came out and I started thinking about potential sunburn. There was a mom and young son down there. I asked her if she had some sunscreen saying that she looked like a “responsible mom”. She loaned me some and saved me the trouble of enduring comments later about my irresponsible behavior.

Arch Cape would require a substantial portage on critter encrusted rocks to get around, so I pointed my bike north again and returned to Cannon Beach.

The kids (Axel, Darwin, and Megan) arrived from the Portland airport pretty much simultaneously with my return back from the bike ride. They are here thru Sunday the they fly back to the real world.

Darwin, Megan, Axel, and Gretchen

That afternoon we walked from the house to the beach heading north to Chapman Point.


The tide was not low enough for us to get all the way around so we stopped there and looked at the tide pools for awhile and then headed back to town to wander the streets.

Bob, Max, Gretchen, Darwin, Jody, Jimbo, Axel, and Megan
Random motion on the beach
Heading back to town

We climbed into two cars for the trip to the Screw and Brew for afternoon beers and cocktails with Peter. We sat outside in a shaded area with picnic tables and enough sun to keep us comfortable (Peter on the right). I had a GT 9 lb. Porter that was so dark you could not see the S&B logo on the side of the glass. Unfortunately, Darwin was hiding behind Megan when I took the picture.

Back at the house is was burgers and potatoes salad and beer and wine on the western deck for dinner. After dinner, Axel, Megan, and I walked to Osburne’s for ice cream.

Another fun day with even more family to hang out with. Happy Trails.

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