Oregon Trip Day 11


Yesterday the Cannon Beach Bakery supplied Pecan rolls and cinnamon rolls for breakfast augmented with bacon, berries, and yogurt. fullsizeoutput_669

After, we drove south to Nehalem and the Nehalem State Park. We hiked the length of the peninsula south (that skinny line in the middle) to the end, crossed over to the beach, and walked on the hard beach sand back. The hike was just short of 5 miles when complete.

It was sunny and clear and warm on the way south, and sunny and cooler on the way back due to the wind out of the north. There were virtually no people encountered on the route either way, and we had the place to ourselves. Jody had a fall climbing down the rocks at the southern end that gave us all a scare, but she seemed to be ok after a short while. We continued to watch her for the duration for signs of concussion.

I took the usual people and scenery pictures to share here.



After the hike, it was past 1pm and lunch was long overdue. It was universally agreed that we should lunch on Hot Dogs from the Mudd Dog stand in Manzanita, operated by the Mudd Nick Foundation. Some of us had visited here a few days ago, but Axel, Megan, and Darwin were newcomers. Most of us had normal sized hot dogs, but Darwin and Axel opted for the Big Mudder dogs that you see in the picture next to Axel’s hand.


Back at the house, it was time for Jim and Jody to head back to Gresham where they live when they are not at the beach, entrusting us to close the place up when we head out Monday morning.

That evening we visited the Cannon Beach Distillery for cocktails. I had a gin and tonic made with Pharmacist Old Tom Gin and Elderflower tonic (the latter a Fever Tree product). I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the ingredients for later consumption. Axel and Megan had drinks with agave spirits, Gretchen sampled several products neat, and Darwin had a Dark and Stormy with rum. I believe they only serve cocktails on Saturday afternoons, but you can stop by whenever they are open to sample there products straight.

For dinner we walked about 100 feet to the Pelican Brewery. Although the wait was pretty long (about 45 minutes), we were able to sip beer while waiting. Once seated, we had a nice dinner. All told, the beer and food were both good and would go back again.


Axel, Megan, and I walked the mile and a half back that evening, and took a few photos.


So ends another great day on the road. Happy trails.

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