Bart O’Kavanaugh is our newest Supreme Court Justice – Move on to the Elections

This has been a long, strange, week. Brett Kavanaugh will be our newest Supreme Court Justice. I know that the Right sees nothing wrong in this. It as just one more bump in the road for this of us that believe the morally bankrupt Republican Cabal is leading this country down a rathole. They are doing this all in the name of power. Their power.

Their power to enrich their friends.

Their power to suppress dissenting voters, and stuff ballot boxes for their candidates so they can stay in power.

Their power to continue to treat women as second class citizens.

I’m watching Mitch McConnell on CNN take a victory lap. “This vote will make the American People Proud”, he just said. This vote does not make me proud.

Somehow, a single protestor has made her way into the room and created a short disturbance. She is quickly being silenced. Pence continues to strike the gavel seeking to restore peace.

The vote is taking place when another protestor speaks out, and is quickly silenced.  It seems appropriate that the roll call is taking place with active dissent taking place.

The mood is really somber. This doesn’t feel like a win for anybody. I watch, and hope, that Justice Kavanaugh will be able to move past this fight, and not seek revenge for his grievances.

Another protestor speaks up, interrupting the dirge-like cadence of names being called. Mr. Portman is obviously a Republican, He voted yes. We just heard from Rubio and then Schumer. We know where they voted.

The tallies are being completed. Senators are milling around on the floor. Quietly shaking hands, and talking. Turns out that some senators are not yet present, and the final vote is being held until they can arrive.

Pence is announcing that it’s 50 to 48.

It’s 4:00 PM in Washington DC, and the vote is over. Kavanaugh is in. It’s a dark day for America.


So Move On. The elections are coming up. Vote. Vote for a fairer America. Vote as a patriot that loves what this country stands for; human rights, fairness, respect for all.

Vote like the fate of your country depends on it.

If you don’t have a ride, find one. If you have to, take time off from work, just do it. If you need to bring ID, bring it (if you can). Usually only about 30% of us vote. Move the needle.



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